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5 Weekends
Crystal TC

Plus One practical assessment morning

3 assessments of student competency
3x3 case studies outside of college hours

This level 3 Holistic Crystal Therapy course has been specifically designed to allow therapists interested in the theory and practice of crystal therapy, to explore these concepts. Students will learn about cleansing, energising and resting crystals, crystal placement, gridding and dowsing. Students will also learn about auras, chakra balancing, visualisation, breathing and meditation, whilst providing a safe and professional service for clients.

Course Content:

History, philosophy and benefits of Holistic Crystal Therapy
Moh’s Scale
Crystal GeometryWhat is the Chakra System
What is the concept of the Human Aura
Chakra and aura cleansing techniques
Crystal energizing and cleansing techniques
Over stimulation
Aftercare Advice
Drinking water
Further therapy
Other types of therapy
Home use of crystals
Crystal Configuration Technique
Themed Chakra Balancing techniques

Crystal Configuration Techniques including:
Themed Chakra Balancing techniques
Themed Gridding techniques
Assessment of the client and treatment planning for holistic crystal therapy
Consultation skills
a. Ascertain and record the client’s reasons for seeking crystal therapy.
b. Clearly and fully explain crystal therapy
c. Ascertain and record relevant information concerning the client’s lifestyle, physical and emotional state
d. Complete accurate and up-to-date records preserving Client confidentiality
e. Respond fully and accurately to client questions
f. Observe and respond to the client’s body language
g. Ensure the client suffers minimal embarrassment, stress or discomfort
h. Where contra-indications of medical importance are established, the client is advised to seek medical advice if there is any reason why treatment may not be given and any therapy or service given is in accordance with medical advice
i. Analyse and discuss fully the findings with the client
j. Agree and prepare an appropriate treatment plan with the client

Crystal Configuration Techniques including:
Themed Chakra Balancing techniques
Themed Gridding techniques
Chakra balancing techniques utilisting cystal wands (various)

Show competency in using holistic crystal therapy techniques
a. Ensure the working area is prepared and specific materials are to hand
b. Cleansing techniques for crystals in preparation for use
c. Ensure the client is relaxed and ready for therapy
d. Use of relaxation and other techniques to enhance the therapy
e. Suggest further procedures that can enhance the therapy
f. Use the crystals in the correct manner and for the appropriate time
g. Constantly monitor client and crystals throughout therapy
h. Explore outcomes and discuss further treatments
i. Advise client of methods to use crystal therapy techniques in everyday life with the client and confirm understanding
j. Establish the client’s wellbeing at the end of the session
k. Advise client of contra-actions to the therapy and check understanding
l. Provide advice on homecare and home use of crystals

Crystal Configuration Techniques including:
Themed Chakra Balancing techniques
Themed Gridding techniques
Aura cleansing techniques utilisting cystal wands (various)

Be able to use interpersonal skills to identify client requirements
a. Identify the client’s requirements and expectations and relate them to best choice of therapy technique
b. Observation of the client’s ‘body-language’ and respond correctly
c. Communicate sufficiently with clients to confirm full and accurate disclosure of information and understanding     between client and therapist.
d. Identify and minimise any constraints on communication
f. Ensure client records are accurate and confidentiality is preserved

Be able to assist the client through the use of crystal therapy techniques
a. Encourage the client to explore a range of accurate and realistic options for their identified problems
b. Encourage the client to judge the overall appropriateness of each choice
c. Establish the client’s expectations from treatment contact
e. Why all communication must take place in an ethical framework
f. The importance of physical contact in treatment, eye contact, nonverbal signals and listening skills
g. Why communication is governed by the client's own perceptions
and use of language
h. The assistance that can be given to a client through treatments or information
i. The ways in which the provision of crystal therapy treatments can achieve the effects identified through discussion
j. The importance of empathy in the discussion process, eye contact, non-verbal signals and listening skills
k. Why communication, must be governed by the client's own
perceptions and use of language
l. The factors predisposing consultation with other professionals
m. Client considerations relating to acceptable referrals
n. How to remain detached from the client’s problems and the
reasons for this
d. Clarify the client’s preferred course of future action

Course Crystals
Clear quartz single generators / Quartz tumble stones
Rose quartz
Blue lace agate
Lapis lazuli
Green aventurine
Tiger’s eye
Orange calcite
Tourmalines (various)
Crystal Wands (various)

Examination process
Ongoing assessment throughout the duration of the course will enable the tutor to determine if you have displayed the skills and knowledge required to perform this therapy

What will I receive when I complete the course?
Once you have successfully completed the course you will receive a recognised certificate from Alternatively Better, which will enable you to gain public liability insurance via the FHT.

Students must dress in black trousers, black t-shirts and flat comfortable shoes. Natural nails and long hair tied back. Students will be required to work on each other throughout the duration of the course

£100.00 plus 4 monthly instalments of £175 

All products are provided for the duration of the course. All students will receive a 10% discount on any products     purchased from the premises for life


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